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What automatically included in your rental?
Kitchen accessories General accessories
Cutlery Radio & CD player
Bowls & plates Fire extinguisher
Bottle & Can opener First aid kit
Glasses, cups & mugs Brush & pan
Saucepans Ice cube tray
Mixing bowls Colander
Frying pan, sauce pan & pots Coffee plunger
Baking tray, baking dish Coat hangers
Kettle for gas Hobs Scissors, Can opener
Chopping board Brush and Pan
Toaster Bottle opener
Cooking utensils Toilet chemicals & roll

Also included:
Vehicle insurance (excess applied)
UK taxes (VAT @ 15%)
Motorhome manual, Vehicle Manual, Road map
Water supply filler hose
Mains hookup cable
Spare bulb and fuse kit
High visibility vest
Wheel jack and basic tools
Break down assistance
Customer call line
Linen Set (If ordered):
Duvet, Pillow, Bottom Sheet, mattress protector
Bathroom Towel